I am the Clan Leader of the CSS clan <WARP>
We are looking for a Counter Strike Source server for our clan as we do not have resources to host one ourselves
What we need is a server with a maximum of 18 players and no lag at all. We prefer that the server will be online 24/7

We can offer you:
Commercial ads for your company all over our website (warpclan.tk)
Commercial sprays for your company required for all members to use in-game
Automatic commercial messages on the server
Your company's name will of course appear in the server name.
Any other requests? just ask me

Contact me these ways:
E-mail:t e c h t r a s h e r @ y a h o o . d k (sry.. not allowed to post URL's on this forum)
MSN:k a s p e r @ r e a p e r . d k (again)
Steam: Nellemand