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About us

We are a Free Teamspeak Server provider, as a fully licenced commercial host with the Teamspeak Licensing Partner Triton CI & Associates, FreeTSHost traces its roots back in 2006, were the previous Owners Tracker and Ripper ran as an NPO licenced host this was a great and well established orginization however sadly they couldnt continue operations as they appeared to have lost their NPO licence and became blacklist. was aquired by the AlphaOne Group to continue its operations as it was before its closure but with bigger and better service and yet more we are now fully licenced commercial host so you can rest assured FreeTSHost is back for good.

Why are they free?

Now I bet your wondering, how are they free as a commercial licenced host? We simply advertise for various companys for profit just enough to cover the cost of our licence and servers and we are also able to accept member donations who want to show their appreciation for our work.

So if you would like a free teamspeak voice server go to www. freetshost .com