I was thinking of starting another CS:S clan. I had a CS:S clan in the past but I simply couldn't afford the bills, with the ressesion and CAD to USD conversions.
All I am looking for is 1 or more sponsors, who can get my clan a Ventrilo server (we request 14+ slots, but any will do.), a CS:S gaming server (we request 20+ slots, no less please) and a website + domain. (Bandwidth is not much of an issue.)

My clan is not going to be going into any leagues, we are going to stay out and promote our servers.

I know this may sound steep, but what we will provide back is;
Your link in the Mani Adverts, MOTD of CS:S server, MOTD of Ventrilo server and on the website.

About me,
I have owned gaming communities and gaming clans before, I also have co-lead a few clans as well, They all had been successful.
There were some events in the last gaming community which caused me to pay all the bills, which I simply could not have done.

I don't wish to get offered services for low prices, I cannot afford anything.
Free services, please contact me on STEAM: Bster1000.