Hello we are a Multigaming community located mainly in Finland but also in other countries inside EU.

We are having just 1 team at the moment but its kinda dont matter because its a lan raiding team.
We are now attending to a lan tournament in finland called Assembly and maybe in future to other countries, depending on our cash situation.
We have been together for about 6 months now playing 5on5.
mainly in a game called Counter Strike Source.

But now few days ago we had an great idea why not extend our little clan to be a multigaming community and share our wonderfull community with other players around Europe.
So we desided to make our own website and start to expand.

Our brandnew website: flysight (dot) exofire (dot) net

We have won 2 small LAN tournaments and came second in some other small but now we decided to go BIG and we attented to Assembly Pro Compo and to be honest i think that we can have a great shot for winning and have some fun!

Our final problem is that we are broke.

So it would be great if someone is looking for a partner from gaming community.
We would have use for 2 private match servers and maybe 2 public servers for counter strike source and a ventrilo server BUT anything little will work and we would be grateful for seeing that!

What could we offer to you:

Nice fastly growing gaming community for u to advert from.
1 BIG advertisement banner upper of the website and second smaller one to the right side of the page, also advertisements to the public servers to the name and to the chat box.
Also we will have some Clan T-Shirts coming soon, so we will put our sponsors banners on the shirts!

If you are interested pls contact me by:
Email: Jyri-Glumov (at) hotmail (dot) com
Steam: jyrba
MSN: Jyri-Glumov (at) hotmail (dot) com
Or on our website: flysight (dot) exofire (dot) net


also all of our players can add your company name after their gaming nicks like: "Flysight^ Jyrbä Companyname.com".

Also we are making youtube gaming videos and we can add your company to the intro!

-Jyri Glumov, Finland hämeenlinna