The clan Artic-Gamerz Gives a 10 slot ventrilo 3.0 (private) away as sponsorship!

What we want:
There must stand a ventrilo banner on your site(So that the people can see the ventrilo server name)
(server name will be YOURNAME by artic-gamerz)

What you must have:
A site

We will sponsor European clans (preferably Benelux, Germany, France, England) (From an other country? still ask maby we say yes!)

If you want him send me a private message!
what i need to put in the private message?
- Clanname
- Where are you from?
- Site URL
- Say something about your clan (not much)
(We choose one from the ten first messages)


(ps: we say when we got the first message en when we got the last one)