Hi Guys,

Newbie to the forum .

I am a university student and recently had a practical that had a session with CentOS and Pure-FTPD. I completed the practical to work on local network and was able to FTP with Filezilla to and from the server. (BTW this is using VMworkstation)

So, as my own project because it interests me I wanted to set the server up so I can FTP from University to home etc. This is what I have done so far;

I dont have clear text sessions, I have set the server up with a digital signature SSH/TLS config for obvious reasons.

I set up my router to port forward ftp protocol port 20/21 to my VM Station. The VM Station is bridged not NAT so there is no need to port forward on the NAT.

I have configured iptables to accept port 20/21 connections.

I then looked at the config file in /etc/pure-ftpd.conf

I have no idea what to edit on the config file this is why I have come here. I have had a look at ipbinding and looked on the net and cannot make sense of what its purpose is?

There is another configuration that contains ip config but still unsure of its purpose.

When connecting to the server the message on FileZilla is ECO Connection Refused by Server. I have read other advice to set Filezilla to active, but still no success.

Can Someone guide me as to what steps I should take please? Thanks