I try to compile my PHP with options --enable-ftp, but it failed...

My command is :
./configure --with-apache=/path/to/apache --with-mysql=/path/to/mysql --with-xml=/path/to/expat --with-gd=/path/to/gd --enable-ftp --enable-track-vars

make install

There're no errors in those steps.

But when I trying to use ftp function, it still returns an error :
"Call undefined function ftp_connect()"

NB : I use PHP 4.0.2 on Linux Red Hat 6.2
I compile my PHP as Static Module of Apache. Is that the problem ??
Should I compile it as the Dynamic Module of Apache ??
I can't make it as Dynamic Module of Apache.
When I try to compile it as a Dynamic Module, it returns an error (something wrong with the apxs)

Please ... anybody can help me ??
I really need these FTP functions support !!

Thanks in advance !!

See ya !!


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