I'm at the very start of my C++ adventure and to get kicked off I've downloaded Dev-C++ 5 from Bloodshed Software.

Hopefully someone can help me get off the ground, using Dev-C++, with a project I'm working on, the initial part of which involves writing a standalone FTP client that will perform the following procedure:

1. Take the following user input:
- FTP hostname
- Username & Password required to access host
- Directory path to get to public webspace (ie. /public_html)

2. Make a connection to the host, reporting any errors on the way.

3. Start copying a tree of files and directories to the host from the local CD drive. The program would also have to chmod the files so they were not read-only (as they would be straight off the CD). Also in each directory on the CD, there could be a small text file in which the required chmod for that directory resides.

4. Once the operation has finished, the FTP client logs out and brings up a small stats screen showing the uploaded directory structure.

I'd really, really appreciate any guidance on this program as I'm now very keen on making the transition from scripting for the web to creating proper standalone applications like this one.