Hi all i am new to FTP and would like to ask some questions
on Folder permissions

I have FTP server running server2003

i have setup a new folder added the permissions to that folder
shared the folder
also added 2 folders in this folder

then in computer management / local users and groups
created a new user with same name and created a password

in IIS created new virtual directory of same name
created alias pointing back to the drive containing folder
made sure read write were checked

in local security policy /local policy added user/group/ to allow to log on locally

This all functions correctly user can logon mostly using client filezilla (hope im allowed to say that here)

Problem i have is that the user logging in to his/her folder to view the 2 subfolders i have created can also get in to the containing folder ie the folder above there own which has information that should not be shared i have made up 20 such folders/users all have same issue any advice would be greatly received

Best regards