Hi Everyone,

Do I need to provide record length as Record length + 4 when I'm transferring a variable block files from unix to mainframe through ftp?
For example, I have a file in unix (ebcidic converted) with maximum record length of 100.
This works correctly,
quote site rec=vb lr=104 blocksi=1040
Below working incorrectly, last 4 bytes of the first lines are coming in the first 4 bytes of second line and it's continuing in that way.
quote site rec=vb lr=100 blocksi=1040

So do we need to add 4 bytes in record length (which mainframe will use for adding some control information) for ftpying variable block ps file from unix to mainframe? I'm not sure I did the required change here but data is transferred as expected. Kindly provide your comments in this.