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    Lightbulb OpenBSD 3.1 FTP install...little help please

    Hello everyone.

    Well, need some help with my install of OpenBSD 3.1 via FTP session.

    Basically, I made the necessary bootdisk, floppy31.fs with no problems.

    I boot to the disk and it starts to uncompress the kernel.
    I setup my partitions and so forth, and then I go on to setup my network.

    (BTW, i'm connected via cable modem.)

    I enter the Network info, basically choosing DHCP and not entering any hostname or IP address.

    However, I cannot locate the DHCP server. I see it send out the DHCPdiscover message, but it does not get a response.

    I'm a little confused here as to why it is not working. (I had no problems doing a FreeBSD install via FTP)

    I turn the back of my rig around and notice that the light on my NIC card is not showing up! (I'm using a Linksys LNE100TX card) My NIC is supported as I checked on the list.

    Question: Is it possible that the reason why the DHCP server is not working is that the NIC is not light up and working correctly?

    Question: If so, how can I correct this?

    My only option at this point is to do a FTP install.

    Thanks everyone.

    If you need additional info, let me know.

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    Sounds like a possible problem, yes.

    First thing you should do is check all your network cabling so you haven't pulled it out somewhere. And you can allso take out and put back the cables to enshure contact. If that doesn't work, try taking out the NIC and then put it back in then try to install again. If this doean't work either, try another card if possible. If that is not possible, try installing some other system that you know have worked again... at least the network config part so you can rule out the NIC and cables.

    If you have additional equipment, like switches, hubs, routers or whatever between you and your internet connection, you obviosly have to rule out problems with those aswell.

    Here in sweden, some providers of ADSL require you to log in to get access aswell... it might be the same for you, if that is the case this might be your problem. Once you have ruled out the NIC, cables and other equipment, you can try your ISP's support... Obviosly they will know nothing about a product that doesn't say Microsoft, but you can ask if they have some oddities like the log in thing.

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