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    Setting up FTP access on Xampp Server

    I recently set up a Xampp server so that I could practice PHP+MySQL more efficiently (as opposed to uploading to an external server everytime I make a change).

    The problem that I'm having with FTP access is that:

    If I type in localhost on the server, it directs me straight to the 'Xampp' folder in the htdocs directory...
    ...this is password protected using .htaccess and .htpasswd...
    ... the FTP server is therefore trying to connect to the htdocs directory but is being redirected to the Xampp directory (which, of course, will not accept the FTP password)...
    Therefore, I get a 'connection failed' message.

    Does anyone know how to stop this redirection? I might be able to cheat my way around it by setting up a directory path, but I'd rather just get it sorted out properly .
    Any help is much appreciated!
    PS: Xampp comes with the FileZilla FTP server, incase anyone was interested =P.
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    Liam, did you get this one sorted?
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    I had same issue

    well right or wrong this is how i did it. I removed the index.html file from the htdocs folder and replaced it with
    the index.html file from my homepage. I also have all the other files from my main homepage sitting in the htdocs folder.
    now when i go to the localhost it is my homepage and the ftp:// takes me to the htdocs folder only. hope this makes a little sense. or maybe i missed the problem all together.
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    The FileZilla FTP Server that comes with XAMPP has a graphic wizard setup...

    Anyway...here's what you're problem was. You never completely set up your FTP user. When you set up a user in FileZilla, you have to select a folder to grant the user access to. If you don't, it just defaults to the program's installation folder which is probably nowhere near where you want to be.

    Click the User button on the toolbar. Select the user you want to edit and make any necessary changes. It's slightly confusing because you have to navigate several tabs to see all of the settings.
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