Hello people, I want a FTP application which give me a detail log. For example:

My situation is:
- Many client stations (U)
- Many websites connecexations. (W)
- Many remote servers. (R)
- Many local servers. (L)
- A ISP Connection.
- A Proxy Software in a bridge computer between Internet and LAN.

We need to know if somebody knows any FTP software for:
1 - Make users for U
2 - Give permissions per user for W
3 - Log with date and time for connection, add, modify or delete folders or files per users.
4 - Support SFTP connections.

An example for log are these actions:
Developer 1: 20/07/2011 10:00am
OPEN to Application FTP in LOCAL SERVER
CONNECT to website connection vandyke.com
GO IN images
20/07/2011 10:01am
UPLOAD logo.jpg
CLOSE connection to vandyke.com
CLOSE Application

Developer 2: 25/07/2011 4:00pm
OPEN to Application FTP in LOCAL SERVER
CONNECT to website connection arweb.com
GO IN app
25/07/2011 4:10pm
UPLOAD index.php
OVERWRITE main.php
DELETE index._php
CLOSE connection to arweb.com
CLOSE Application

Log: 20/07/2011 10:00am
Developer 1 open FTP
Developer 1 connect to vandyke.com
Developer 1 make images folder
Developer 1 change folder to images
20/07/2011 10:01am
Developer 1 upload file logo.jpg
Developer 1 close connection to vandyke.com
Developer 1 close FTP
25/07/2011 4:00pm
Developer 2 open FTP
Developer 2 connect to arweb.com
Developer 2 change folder to app
25/07/2011 4:10pm
Developer 2 upload file index.php
Developer 2 overwrite file main.php
Developer 2 delete file index,_php
Developer 2 close connection to arweb.com
Developer 2 close FTP

Maybe is too information but if somebody know about it please, help me. If I can do it in Windows 2003 Server FTP ok, no problem, but I need a software for this.

Thank you very much for all of your help people.