Hello, I am trying to copy my entire website to make basically a mirror site. I use CS Cart and have been having a lot of trouble updating it. The real reason I am copying the website to a new website (original website is .com new is .net) is just so I can test things out and see if the newer server that godaddy (I know, everyone says to switch but that isn't possible right now) says is better, really is better. GoDaddy is now supposed to copy a website across multiple nodes so if one server is being slammed, others can help out.

Anyway, I can download the "stats" folder but I cannot upload it to the new site. The permissions say that it has full read/write/execute rights for the owner (us). Is the stats folder something that really needs to be copied over or are new stats going to be generated by the new site?

I don't know much about web servers and what is/isn't needed.

Thanks for the info!