I'm trying to use ftp_get to get a file onto a win2K box that is running the lastest PHP4.

I think I have a permissions problem but I have two questions that, if answered, might help me solve it.

1. I'm not specifing a path of where to put the file, hoping that if the download is successful, it would tell me where the root is for php downloads. Can someone tell me where I can find where PHP will download a file to if you don't specify a path. When I did a dirname on the file it returns "." (san quotes) which means the current directory, but what directory is that?

2. The user permissions may very well have something to do with this problem. Which user is the user that is being used when you don't do any authentication first? Essentially what account is the equivalent of "nobody" on Apache/Linux. I assume it's either IUSR_ or IWAM_ but can someone tell me which one or if neither then what account I should look for?

I know I'm connecting to the ftp server and I know I have found the file to download but the error I get when I execute the ftp_get command is:
Warning: error opening tmpfile in C:\FTP_Root\wwwroot\pmusage\dbfunctions.php on line 46

Where dbfunctions.php on line 46 is my call to ftp_get.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.