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    php and ftp

    I'm writing a what should be a simple ftp script for users to upload a gif or jpg image.

    this is what I have :
    PHP Code:

    $ftp_user "username";
    $ftp_pass "password";
    $ftp_path "web/files/banners/";

    $function) {


    $function == "upload") {

    _ftpConnect() {
    $ftp_conn ftp_connect($ftp_link);

    $r _ftpConnect();

    $upload ftp_put($r$upfile_name$fileFTP_BINARY);
    $upload) {
      } else {

    My problem is that I get this error : Warning: Unable to find ftpbuf 0

    I have no idea what is means and it occurs on the lines with ftp commands accept for ftp_connect.

    If someone could tell me what I'm doing wrong or what the error means I would be most grateful
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    Why do you have your function declaration inside of a conditional? Just define it and call it if you need it.

    Where is $function defined? If it's not, then your function is never defined...

    Also, if you're going to use outside variables in your function, then you have to make them global.

    function whatever()
    global $this;
    global $that;



    etc... May be other things wrong, too, that's the first I noticed. i doubt you are even making a connection, you should check for that first.

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