I have created an application that upload files to FTP server and get a list of files from specific folders on FTP server. These list of files has a corresponding href link to FTP server (the UserID and Pwd is included in the link e.g. ftp://userID:Pws@10..../abc/def.xls) but everytime I click on the link, I'm still being prompted by the FTP Log On window. When I clicked 'Cancel', the file will be open but there will be a prompt saying: Microsoft Excel cannot access the file 'ftp://userID:Pws@10..../abc/def.xls'
There are several possible reasons:
The file name or path name does not exist
The file you're trying to open is used by another program. Close the document in the other program, and try again.
The name of the workbook you're trying to save is the same as the name of another document that is read-only. Try saving the workbook with a different name.
The file still opens up after that though !
I've search for this problem, and I found out that this is a problem with any Office 2003 documents opened in IE6 and there is a hotfix available. But the I'm using Office 2000 and IE6 SP2. I've search for an updated service pack for IE6 or any hotfix for Office 2000 that will correct this problem, but I couldn't find anything.
The userID and pwd I've used in href link has sufficient permission on the folder where the files are located in FTP server. Also, I can open any PDF files without any problems. I'm only encountering this problem when opening an excel file.
Has anyone of you encountered this problem? Please, please if you know of any solution, let me know ASAP.
Thanks so much!