I'd appreciate any help with this as it has me completely foxed.

I recently uploaded my new website files to my server through FTP (Filezilla). The problem is the old index.html file (which I deleted from my server) is still showing in the FTP directory listing and still appearing as my default homepage.

None of the files or folders I uploaded for my new website through FTP are present on my server (by remote desktop) or on the file manager viewed through Plesk.

I can't delete the index.html file as I get the 550 access is denied error. I've tried changing the default document to index.htm (my new homepage) but it doesn't take effect.

I originally uploaded the index.html file through Plesk file manager so this is the owner of the file but as it doesn't appear in the file manager how can I delete it or change the permissions?

How is it possible for this file appear as my hompage when it isn't even on my server viewed through remote desktop? Where the hell do these files reside?

My setup:

Windows server 2003 IIS 6

Thanks in advance.