Hi, I have problems connecting from outside to FTP server on IIS6. I can connect fine locally from computers in the network but doesnt work if I am on another computer trying to connect through the internet.

I am using a different port other then 21, but I have tried 21 and it doesnt seem to work either.

I have TrendMicro Internet Security installed and I made sure the port is open in the Firewall section. Also on local computer I checked to make sure the port is open using canyouseeme.org website tool.

If I type in command prompt "telnet IP-Address port#" I get the welcome message of the FTP.

But if I use DreamWeaver to connect it shows the following error:

"The Connection to the remote host has been lost. Click Refresh to reconnect."
When I press Ok, get another one shown:
"Toggling the "Use Passive FTP" checkbox may help you establish a connection.
Select or de-select the checkbox and click Test to tr again. If the problem persists, check your network settings, including the local firewall settings on your computer, or consult your network administrator."

Anyway I am not sure what is going on, either for some reason the port is still closed on the remote computer or server is refusing outside IPs though not likely.

Hopefully someone can help with this because I tried various things and cant solve it yet and leaving for trip soon and would like to be able to connect over internet. Would be thankful for help and solution!