Hi There,
This one is driving me crazy!
I have a windows 2008 r2 server, and i'm having problem with the command line ftp.
I have a WS_FTp install, and that works fine connecting to an ftp site and transfering files. I can use IE to connect to an FTP site and transfer files, that works fine. But if i connect to the same ftp site using command line ftp, i can connect but when i put a file, it just sits there doing nothing, and if I control C it i get ...
425 Cant open data connection.
I have tried switching the firewall completely off, but i get the same problem. I've tried opening ftp ports, etc in IIS (7.5) and various other things, but i'm stumped.

I do need to use command line FTP, as i need it for a batch script. Any suggestions? thanks for reading.