Hey all,

We have a company website for our NVQ assessors which is hosted currently on a clustered webhosting package allowing large bandwidth and file storage for our needs as the NVQ Assessors upload video files, audio and their microsoft word observation/report files.

The clustered hosting allows more websites to be added and currently we have a side project selling security products which is fine and not needed to move as I setup an additional account on the clustered hosting to handle this.


The current FTP access is done via individual user login through the original website. I want to purchase an additional domain and setup SSH using SFTP in FileZilla as we use this and know how to do it however, when purchasing an additional domain is there a way to set the FTP up so that the domain is 'anonymous' or if you can do this through an IP address so the assessors can all use a single SSH login.

In short -

a) Files are hosted on current 'website' ftp in a 'secure' folder.
b) I want to get an additional anonymous domain and setup account storage there and use SSH login for the clients with one user/password from an IP address (know how to do this)
c) How can I set this up so the domain won't be found on the net or would it be a case of putting a redirect script in the new domain so when loaded it goes to the main website?

Thanks for the help and sorry if it's confusing!