Thread: Need FTP help

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    Need FTP help

    Hi guys,

    I have a home server in America, and right now I'm in England. My objective is simply to have a centralized storage in America of my data as I access it remotely from England. I want to read, write, edit, delete, manipulate that data. FTP seemed to be the best option. So I setup an ftp server using Filezilla. I use Windows 7's own way to access ftp sites by adding an ftp folder in my computer. I also want to access files from my android phone, so I've downloaded an ftp client.

    I can access files, but here are the problems:

    1) When I access a file from my computer, it first opens my internet browser and opens the file through their. It doesn't directly open the file if say I double click on it. Is there anyway to make it so that when I double click on a file in my ftp folder, it opens directly with the program its supposed to open with. For example, if I want to open an image file, I want it to open using client pc's windows photo viewer. Instead what is happening is that the file is opening in firefox and being displayed that way. Does this make sense? can I make this better?

    2) I also want to be able to edit the files and save them. Basically, I want to access my data as if it were sitting on my client PC. I want to easily open, change, delete my data that is stored on my homeserver as if it were sitting on my client pc.

    3) Are there any good android ftp clients that will enable me to do the above?

    Please help. I really need help with this. I am eager to realize the consolidated data access paradigm in my head.

    Thank you
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    FTP is used for file transfer. You can't open, edit, and then resave the file when using FTP (Except to download, edit, reupload). Your best option is to setup a remote desktop program such as Logmein on your home computer, and then go to to view and access your computer. Logmein has a free version.

    Other options:
    - VNC (Same concept as logmein)
    - Remote Desktop Connection
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