Im a linux newbie (about 2 weeks since first install) and have managed to get all required services working (eg http, php, mySQL) except FTP. Or more precicely, ftp works from the linux box (ie. from the command line ) so I can use the rcv command to get files. What I cannot do however is connect via an ftp client (Im using fetch) to the server.
In the messages file i get the lines:
JUl 12 00:32:26 localhost inetd[755]: getpwnam: /usr/sbin/tcpd: no such user
JUL 12 00:32:26 localhost inetd[469]: pid 755 exit staus 1

the line in my inetd.conf file that refers to the ftp service is:
ftp stream tcp nowait root /usr/sbin/tcpd in.ftpd -l -a -t10800

can anyone please help..or at least point me towads some documentation as I've been un able to find any after extensive searching.

thenks in advance,