Here is a problem that I am having with our company FTP site. If I get on the server where the FTP site is located FTP://(internal IP address) I get a request for a login and password, and it logs in just fine. I can see the files, do everything.

But if I do that on any other computer in the office FTP://(internal IP address) or a computer from outside the firewall at ftp://(our public IP Address) I get the same request for a login and password, but no matter what I enter it does not work.

I think this is an authentication issue.

I am using Windows Server 2003 and IIS 6.0 for the site.
At present I have the folder that the ftp files live in shared with everyone having read permission. This is for testing only. We had to move the content of the ftp to a different server due to the age of the old ftp server which was a Snap Server.

Any suggestions?