I'm a management major doing some research on educational video games: Just wanted to ask if you have any good sources/references/insights/anything interesting about video games being used in education? especially in the collegiate level.

Things I want to find out are:

>The usual target segment for these games have been children, are there games that are educational that are targeted for a mature/college-level audience?

>How has the educational games market been doing? Do teachers really use it? Would you use it to teach college students?

>Are there any MMO(Massive Multiplayer Online) educational games?

>How about Online Classrooms similar to video games?

>anything interesting/ keep in mind about either or a combination of 3D/MMO/Educational Video Games

Im looking for really good material The end project is i'll be doing a sort of 3D MMo educational videogame using the projectwonderland engine, im doing the background of the study.

Thank you so much!