Hi everyone,

Wanted to let the community know that we've created a game modding driver called MantaMod, which works directly at the OpenGL ES stream by intercepting it before passing the instructions on to the actual Android device gpu driver. Since it works at the driver layer, control or modding of Android games can be done without needing to change the original game APK package.

We are a small team and haven't had a chance to try it out ourselves on many devices, so let us know if you encounter any issues getting it up and running on your device. Any feedback or 'wishlist' for desired features / supported games is much appreciated! Do drop us a note at mantamod_at_gmail.com, we'll be glad to hear from you.

Some background:
Things that can be done with MantaMod include:

- Texture Replacement: run-time dynamic insertion of custom textures into games allowing you to change the game graphics without needing to modify the original APK.

- Unlocked view camera: via run-time gpu shader replacement, you can unlock the game view camera and freely move it around anywhere in the 3D game scene without moving your player character

See some screenshots of the free-camera feature in the DeadTrigger zombie shooter game, as well as screenshots of various graphics mods done in Clash of Clans, SubwaySurf, AngryBirds Star Wars, etc on our Facebook or Twitter pages, or our website www_mantamod_com

We plan to release the SDK around this so that developers can create their own interception driver for their favorite games, once we complete some internal code refactoring to tidy up the APIs a bit.

The MantaMod Team