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    Basic black jack game

    I want to create a black jack game for web site maybe in PHP or Perl with user interface with GUI.

    Is there sources that I can start with?
    Also, is there any web that have example of source code for some games?

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    Those are server-side languages.

    GUI means graphical user interface. Don' know why you want "user interface with GUI".

    Do you want it multi-player? If so, server-side web scripting languages aren't very good for this sort of thing. They're good for text-based games but not card games. Do you want it single player? You're better off with something that won't have to refresh constantly.

    Code for games? Sure, google it.

    And I'm actually currently building something that will let you make card games very easily, and will allow the whole multi-player shebang, but that's slightly off-topic, and the project is not yet finished.
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    I think PHP would be fine for blackjack, you'd only need to refresh on deal, draw and stand: actions initiated by the user (well, unless you get multiple players involved anyway).

    You can simply have card images then just link to them as image tags on the page.

    The logic behind a blackjack game is very basic and easy to implement in any language.

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