The deal...

I'm coding my own engine design right now and, being new to everything, and having created my own brew as to how 3D data is stored, I need some help with basic functions. Basically, I need, well, the utter basics to allow me to mess around "live" with my code. I need to be able to display a
window, get sizing info of the window, display coordinates and draw lines inbetween coordinates, etc etc. The really simple stuff; however, I'm not using "traditional" 3D data, so I need to be able to take existing functions and use them for my own deals. Simple stuff... Just the basics of barfing a window up and being able to see things live and edit them live when inputting code. I'm just getting familiar with various game APIs, and I'd like really specific direction to navigate the sea of 'em out there.

Thanks for any help!