Hi! I'm new to the forums, but if I find them useful, I'll be spending quite a bit of time here. Anyways, I've been researching some of the different Game Engine options out there, and am stuck on making a decision. With each one, there's obviously some pros and cons, but I couldn't find the answers to some of the questions I had so many someone can answer them here.

Unity3d seems to have most of the features I'm looking for and also have great documentation and tutorials available, but it seems to focus more on the mechanics rather than the appearance (it has the game technicals down, but isn't much for creating the graphics, or so I've read). Ogre3d supports c++, which I appreciate because I'm a c++ girl, but am willing to use another programming (or scripting) language for the right Game Engine. But Ogre3d is strictly for graphics and isn't much of a Game Engine. There are other options I liked, but they were either a decent Game Engine or for creating graphics.

So my question is this: if I choose to use Unity3d, could I use Ogre3d for the graphics and then import them into Unity3d? Are they compatible? What about Blender? (Not so sure about Blender, but just looking at my options). Are there any programs like Ogre3d that are compatible with Unity3d? Are there better options available or that you prefer more? I'm looking for a solid Game Engine and something to use to model, animate, and create textures that is compatible with the Game Engine.

Thank you in advance!! Your help will be much appreciated, I've spent so much time on this already and would love to just choose something and get to work finally!