Hello. I am TheFlow. I am the production leader for Crescent Moon Productions. Our goal is to create the next best mmorpg using the Unity engine. Yes that sounds like a bold statement but I believe if we have the man power and the drive to put forth the effort we can accomplish phenomenal things. The game we are going to create will be for PC.

So far we have a team of 10 members. Our goal is to have at least 25-30 members apart of our group. We hold discussions on Skype because that is what's is easiest for everyone else. Yes so far our group is small but with everyones interests we can become larger and better.

The game we are creating is a fusion of ideas that from an anime called Sword Art Online and ideas that come from Skyrim. There are a lot of ideas that we have floating around between our small group and we'd love to gain more ideas from our potential team members. We plan on starting actual production of this game between July and October which gives us enough time to do a lot of planning and having set divisions in our production team.

If you are interested in joining our production team. Please comment below and tell us what skills you will be bringing to the table. 25 is just our set number right now. We hope we can attract a lot more people than that to allow our team to grow.

Our motto: If you have the drive to accomplish something, the rewards will be endless.