If you are looking for the chance to mod for Homeworld or are a current Game Development student and are looking for a project to be part of for a school project look no further than Homeworld:Complex. HW:CX is a mod that has continued the tradition of RTS style games from one of the first games that started it all back in 1999.

There is no fee involved with working with the Complex Team or too play HW:CX. All you need is the Homeworld 2 CD.

What to expect?

You can expect to use alot of free modding tools developed by both the modders ourselves and the actual tools used by Relic to develop the three games of the Homeworld series.

There are many tutorials as well to walk you through the steps of creating a mod.

Currently the Complex Team is looking to expand into using the Unity Gaming engine that will allow alot more flexibilityin what a Homeworld Mod will offer.

The good thing about using Unity is that it allows the use of both wavefront.obj and .blend file formats. Why is this of any concern? The best thing about using Unity is that is will allow alot of Sketch Up modelers to create their gaming models and then use them in the Unity Engine.

How it works for Sketch Up Users is that they create their model in Sketch Up and then export it out in Collada (.dae) format into Blender or they can export it directly into a wavefront.obj format with the zbylsxexporter plug in. Both formats will open with Blender where the model can then be textured and script added to it and then exported back out into either a Collad (.dae) or wavefront.obj format. I have found that exporting the Sketch Up model out in Collada format and then opened up in Blender is the best choice.

Also when importing the Sketch Up Model into Blender the Sketch Up model retains all of its original faces and vertices with the ability to edit the model as if it were a normal Blender model.

The Graphic Editing programs that are best to usee for the startup modder are Gimp 2.8 which now allows you to use Photoshop Brushes and other effects by simply dropping the file into the appropriate folder.

The best thing of all of the programs mentioned are free to use to develop your immersive gaming environment with.

The Complex Team is non-for profit orginization that is currently engaged in trying to convince THQ to develop and release Homeworld 3.

So if your interested in taking up a project for school, want to learn how to mod or be part of a modding team head on over to Homeworld Complex where the team awaits.

One last mention. Using Unity and the tools mentioned above will give you what you need to create your own gaming environment once you learn how to create models for Homeworld Complex. Your mod doesn't have to be centered around the Homeworld theme it can be any type of mod related to space combat.

Once the Complex Team builds a larger staff of developers and modders who build mods for Homeworld we can branch off and create other mods with Unity to the whim of the Creator.

Here is your chance....."Mothership."