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    DirectX library vs SDL?

    I know everyone's sick of D3d vs OPENGL topic, so I'm not even gonna pull at that thread.

    But SDL looks really interesting to me. Its graphic looks fabulous, and the API looks really easy. It provides Sound, Midi, Keyboard input and stuffs. That's actually great.

    The only reason I was thinking of D3D was that Microsoft no longer publishes DirectDraw within their SDK, so programmers had to learn D3D to do 2D programming.

    Has anyone used both DirectDraw and SDL? If you have, will you please post some comparisons between those two libraries?
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    I guess the best way to compare them is to see their objectives. DirectDraw is a now deprecated video rendering API, which was part of DirectX. DirectX itself is a set of multimedia libraries, only useful on Windows.

    SDL is a library for multimedia, sort of like DirectX, but it is cross-platform. In reality, it is an abstracting layer, so you can have code that works with Linux and the same for Windows.

    So I guess the best way to put it is, DirectDraw is a video API that SDL could use on Windows, but SDL deals with all of multimedia, and isn't restricted to DirectDraw/Direct3D for video.
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