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    Embeded Games

    Guys new to the forum, you'll have to excuse my computer ignorance. I am getting a site built right now and would like to have some games in my site where just the users from my site can use without the disturbance of other people outside of my site. I would like to have maybe hearts, spades, pool,darts, and texas hold'em poker(a place where the people on my site can have free tournaments). I was directed to this site because they said you guys would have all the answers.Can you please help?
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    I was directed to this site because they said you guys would have all the answers.
    I'm not sure who they is, but whoever they are, they really should have said Google has all the answers...

    I am getting a site built right now
    Someone is creating a website for you? I take it then that you are not a programmer or anything near to that sort?

    There is no one way to achieve something. I can only tell you what issues I would consider, and examples of feasible approaches. Before I engage in any discussion, I want to know what your technical expertise is.

    It's also worth telling us if you are interested in actually developing a solution yourself, or just want to know what a developer would consider (perhaps for hiring purposes).
    When you ask a question, be prepared to tell us: what have you tried? If you think you don't need to try anything, we will never be interested in helping you. If you agree with the link, and you refuse to answer that question, you are being a hypocrite.

    Need help with broken code? Your question should be like a good bug report: (1) It has the smallest number of steps to reproduce the problem you see (2) It tells us precisely what you expected to see and (3) It tells us what you saw and how it differed from what you expected. We need all three to help you.
    Want better answers? Tell us what you Googled for and what steps you took to answer your own question.
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    I know that vBulletin has something like that. It might not exactly suit your needs as all the games I've seen there are singleplayer only. Maybe someone else knows other alternatives...

    But if you have some folks who are making the site for you then you're probably off best if you just ask them to do it.

    If you can't have them do it you could head over to the Hire a Programmer Section to have that game-part done separately.
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