Hi my name is Omar and I live in Montana. I have played video games since I was 3 and I have always dreamed of creating my own game. I have a script, plot outline, character ideas, and gameplay ideas but I don't have the resources to create it on my own. I need a developer or a team that would be willing to help me make it happen. I'm open to new ideas and it would be a team effort.

The game is about a vigilante in what i hope to be an open world game in which you can play through many famous cases throughout history, everything from The Red Headed League to more real cases like the zodiac killer. L.A. Noire came the closest in this genre but still left something lacking. Situations would be modified so it would fit the character plot very well.

These can be performed in your civilian identity or superhero clothes.

Ideas for cases:
Sherlock Holmes Stories
Maltese Falcon
Dupin Cases
Poriot Cases
Some of the biggest real life cases
•Black Dahlia
•Anthrax Letters
Any many others...

The main character would have a, let's call it "deduction mode" for now where you could observe certain things on people and objects/places. Sometimes with enoughe evidence you can recreate the scene even.

Certain evidence can be found and some will be provided, which you can use to convict but you as the player must figure out how it ties in and what is relevant. When witnesses are questioned they would not be so obviously lying or tellin the truth and won't always give you information and you can apply certain methods such as treating, harming, kind, cutting a deal, and others depending on the witness to get them to talk.

Most of the cases would take events from the original stories that are important. As the sleuth you can choose who to convict, let go, kill, and arrest.

Also the player can turn down a case or not consult it until later.

As a player you can fully explore the map, eat at resuraunts, drink at bars, find collectibles that would be bios and information on other famous detectives, collect money from solving cases, drive around on different vehicles, date, choose what to wear, find a sidekick, go to karate schools to gain new combos, go to movies, sleep, perform chemistry experiments, fight in fight clubs, and listen to music or radio in the car.

In other types of crimes in your superhero identity you can customize your costume and when in this identity your characters voice changes and the costume must cover much of your face and body. From there you can go on basic patrol and stop muggings, robberies, car chases, shootouts, assaults, drug deals, car theft, save people from fires Ect.
There will be supervillans that you must stop in original battles and in both street crime and supervillans you can again decide their fate. The gameplay as a superhero would include a focus mode that slows down time, a battle type similar to arkham asylum, quick time events and more. You can customize weapons, guns, gadgets, armor, and use your fists. As this goes on people will view you more positively and you become a celebrity.

As a crime fighter it would be a lot like Assassins Creed as you can climb up buildings, ride on top of trains, and swim in the nearby water.

I have more ideas and a whole plot worked out but tjis is to give you a general idea of what i am thinking. I realize this is a massive project but it could be a revolutionary game if done properly.

Please contact me if you are interested...