About Cave Bear
Cave Bear is an Indie game development studio set in the cold north of England. We are just starting up but need people who are passionate about gaming and game development to help us with our game project Pioneer.

We are fun to work with but mature 25+ adults who are looking to make long term friends with project collaborators too.

If you have experience or skills within game development and want to put your full heart and sole into a project then we are interested in hearing from you.

We are currently looking for the following people to join our team;

  • C# Programmer
  • Concept Artist
  • 3D Modeller[/B]
  • Sound Artist

Team Structure
Jonathon - Project Lead
Jiri - Technical Lead

As this is a new venture, there is not much to say other than I (Jonathon) am more of a creative thinker while Jiri is more of a technical thinker. Working together we make a great team. We have programming and design experience from working with websites and in technical roles in real life.

About Pioneer
Fictitious FAQ's

What is Pioneer?
Pioneer is a sandbox survival game set roughly around the 14th century.

Great another survival game...What makes yours any different?
We aim to pile large amounts of real world challenges into the game, from hunting to building houses. Pioneer will challenge a player to actually survive. Not only that, we're going to polish the game, then polish it some more until it becomes stable and playable (which is more than can be said than some Early Release games!)

How do you expect to produce a game with only 2 people?
We don't, we need the help of a group of passionate individuals who want to be part of something (and make some friends on the way).

What else will be in Pioneer?
Pioneer will initially focus on the survival element of the game, moving onto building simple shelters and small cabins, in future releases we will start to include multi-player elements and finally various other features such as combat, farming, npc's and more.

So its going to be single player to start off with?
Sort of. We're going to focus on producing a single player game because we lack the necessary programmer with the skills to get multi-player working.

Will it be a persistent world?
The single player world will be save-able. When the multi-player version is ready, the server will auto save world every x number of hours, providing a snapshot should something go wrong.

Where can I find more information on Pioneer?
You actually cant. We have a basic GDD written up, but we want the project to become the love child of the whole team. We're providing the base of the game, we want our future team to feel like they can add within reason to the project idea's.

Thanks for reading if you got that far, if you would like more information or would like to get to know us, please contact us on skype or via the contact methods below.

You can contact us using the following methods:
Email - enquiry@cavebear.co.uk
Skype - L00tix or jiri.gerych
Website - www.cavebear.co.uk

Thanks again,