I have an amazing idea for a massive strategy browser game set in the ancient world (Europe) with 3 playable civilizations. I'm nearly finishing up the concept, writing it down on paper, and I'm very excited with the idea so far. Now I know that after I finish polishing the concept, I have to think about the design of the graphics and finding programmers (two things I really have very little experience in). How much money do you think that I would need to set things up, if I want to retain 100% ownership of the game? If you were in my place, how much percentage of the income would you be willing to give up to persons in the programming team, in order to not pay at first a considerable sum of money for programming (which you can find trouble raising in a first place, and by considerable sum I mean something like 10-20 thousand $)? What's the advantage of renting or buying a server? Which option would be best for beta version of a browser game? I know there are lot of... subjective factors, but I'm looking for a rough information, based on the following: Programming - beta server 10k players, renting/buying of server + maintenance, transcending my ideas into programming code; Graphic design - drawing the continent, drawing the 3 unique race buildings, buttons/icons/ 50-100 artifacts pics/30 - 60 portraits

Any help or advice about my game (also not on my main questions) will be much appreciated!