So i have tried using ENet networking lib for c++ but it is disconnecting the client randomly and now one seems to know why. I dont know if any of you here have worked with it but if i can get it to work i would like to use this. Here is the code for the enet server and client. I would post my code but it formats it wrong and i cant post link.

Basically i want a networking lib for c++ for my game/application. I would start making a application first like a chat to server example than go from there. I dont want boost asio because you do need boost also which make it big.I was looking at POCO but to me it is a little bit confusing to build. I am using codeblocks and i have found a forum post about it but it requires things to be installed which i dont want to do and if i could i would post a link to it but im new so i cant.

I am trying to build POCO with out installing more stuff on the pc. I do have msys to if that matter and i am on windows. it doesent have to be high or low level. I hope i have this detailed enough without making it confusing but if you have any questions please ask.