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    Karaoke or pop Idol

    I don't know but this looks like a game topic, I am looking for a program that when people sing, talk it will show the pattern such as graph of intonation of letters in order for someone else to follow, an example is such:

    Bob Marley (popular singer as an example)

    He sings, you can see the waves on the screen going up and down according to the way he does it, under or on top of the words he sings are highlighted to make it easy to follow and mimic at the same time a user Pop Idol will be trying to match his songs by following those partters where the pop Idol can see his intonation in waves in order to compare it to establish how far pop idol is near/far from the way Bob Marley sings !

    I hope this is clear example, now i want to idea implemented and I am wondering has anybody heard of this program before, or how much it will take/cost to implement and what kind of program needed, any info would be appreciated.
    obviously I will pay for the services
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    Just came across this question.

    What you are trying to do is impossible without the original track from the recording session that has ONLY the original artist's vocals on it. The problem is, the music that you buy is similar to a flattened image... all the layers are basically one now. You can't visually display just one portion of the music.

    Not only that, as a vocalist that studies sound, you can't possibly look at a sound wave and see where you need to be when it comes to pitch. Every singer has their own timbre which affects the way sound is visually represented and to some degree the way it sounds. Take for example, Dolly Parton... if she sang the note we know as Middle C, and then say... Christina Aguilera sang the same note, they would look completely different and that is assuming they are singing with absolutely no vibrato.

    Now what you may be thinking is... "But it works with my American Idol game on my playstation!" The difference is, they had access to the original vocal tracks to the music and wrote a program which loosely measures the notes, and compares it to a frequency range that is acceptable. (And does a TERRIBLE job at it BTW...) But again, it is measuring just the input from the mic, not taking the music into account.

    Basically what you are trying to find is not possible and would be useless to a singer even if it were. If you want to learn to sing, get a vocal coach. No machine or program can give you the technical pointers a singer needs to truly improve that a real live person can.

    Good luck, if you ever even see this post.

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