Terra Universe is a project to create an MMO text-based browser game. The project is still in it's productiom phase and is currently not visible.

We are looking for html, php, css, java, web designer, volunteers who will contribute to this project and make it a reality!
Our team gets bigger and bigger day by day and we are working very hard on the project. After we make the roots of the game visible to others, our plan is to go on Kickstarter and to try to get funded for the project which will allow us to start paying our workers for their job.

The main goal for this project is to re-create the modern world and include real aspects within it as much as possible.

You can be a solider, politican or bussinessman. When you get involved in those aspects of our e-life you will feel like it's really you, you'll understand somewhat how a true politicians works in the real world, such as how they manage different countries.
You will learn many ways to run your own bussiness and you'll need skills to be successful as it will be a challenge.
Being able to expand the borders of your country is great thing, but the only way to do that is through war and politic.
Diplomacy and strategy is a major section in this game, and it's not simple at all.

Overall you'll need to use your real skills and knowledge from your life to be a successful player and to create a nation to be awed.

For more details,
please contact me at: miki.petreski@yahoo.com
skype: mikifdd