I intend to create an online football (soccer) simulation game. I know there are a lot of such games around but this one I am making as a hobby site. I consider myself good in PHP but not sure if this can be acheived in PHP alone.

Before I start, I am wondering how I can acheive certain things:
1. Such a game would need to simulate a huge number of matches daily. How do similar games do such simulations? Is it better to go for cron jobs every x minutes, or is it better to include a routine to run with every page request?
2. Simulation scripts could be heavy and run for long times, do I need to look into multi-thread platforms like Python, or can I acheive this in PHP?

I would also like to know a cool name for such a game, most of the names i could think about, the dot coms are already taken.

Any insights would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance