Hello, everyone. I'm Simone, 22 years old, italian. I am a writer and a musician/composer. My english is quite good and I have some experience in writing stories/screenplays/novels - my novels actually get published in Italy, and as a writer I've won some prizes. I focus on horror/thriller stories, and as far as I can remember I've always been an hardcore gamer.

I think I might have a very good idea for an horror game, I'm starting to write the subject just now. The story will contain mature themes and will be very controversial, probably some of the most extreme stuff to make it in a videogame. The gameplay should resemble the first Clock Tower for SNES under certain aspects, and add some stealth and puzzle elements to make it the most original possible. It will be very story heavy and will hopefully become a very immersive and disturbing experience, surely like nothing that has already appeared on XBLA or XNA games.

I believe in the idea very much, so I wouldn't like to give it away too much on the boards; The idea got a lot of feedback from coders, and we managed to gather a team in a very short time. I will provide the game concept - storyboard - music, all we're missing now is a couple of 2d graphics who are willing to take the challenge. It will probably be hard to make this game pass the censorship, but hopefully it will be worth it.


E-mail: bosismn(at)gmail(dot)com