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    Project S.T.U.D Needs your help!...

    I have a idea for a Half-Life 2 mod, but haven't got the skills needed to do it on my own. I need to form a Development Team to get this project even started.

    Yes I know this is not original at first glance, But my MOD is a Zombie/Horror Search and Rescue Single Player. The Basis is that a Team of highly trained covert zombie hunting agents are stuck inside of a city that's just fallen to the Undead plague. The agency they work for is called S.T.U.D (short for Specialized Tactical Undead Disposal) The player will have to Work with the team of agents on a number of missions (That can be completed or attempted in any order the player chooses) as they try and find any civilian survivors they can. Resource management will also play a key in survival. As the player progresses the story will unfold.

    There will also be more then just Zombies to battle, A terrorist Group that experiments and uses the zombie plague as a WMD and a military force trying to cover up the situation but getting abandoned by their own.

    Jobs I need to fill:
    • Code/Script Writer (1-2)
    • Level Designer (2+)
    • 3D Artist/Animator (3+)
    • 2D Artist/Skinners (2+)
    • Sound Designer (1-2)
    • Music Composer (1-2)

    I would like to get people who have at least a year in the related field of the job they apply for, But beggars can't be chooser. I must however ask that anyone that applies for any of the above jobs have the tools and the know how to integrate into the source engine.

    Once the team starts to shape up we will massively flesh out the story from it's base rough draft state into a working storyline with all the features that are possible in the source Engine. We will also set up a Development Schedule to accommodate the developers real lives so as not to interfere with their own schedule.

    If anyone can help or has the time and skill to make a professional quality MOD, please Email me at Revenant_krow@yahoo.com

    For more information Please visit or modDb.com Profile @ http://mods.moddb.com/7779/project-stud
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    Soo your looking for free game devs? or are you paying? Having the idea is one thing.. but actually starting it and marketing it and paying for it is another.

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