Ive been thinking about developing a game for a while and wanted to get some guidance. I come from a 3d art background and although I do understand some programming basics I think ill have to start somewhere simple hence my simple game idea:

Well its more of an interactive quiz but I want to get experience in the whole development process. I want to develop a game where players are asked questions and they have to pick from a couple of answers...kinda like "who wants to be a millionaire". Maybe have an image for them to answer a question about and have some clues displayed on screen for help.

This may seem like a really simple idea but its more of a learning exercise that I can manage without having done any serious programming before. I would also like to gain experience in the process of hosting this on a website and allowing people to download.

So what programming languages should I look at to develop this, I have done some basic c in the past but if you were to advice someone who really wants to learn the business and wanted to start on a simple project what would you advice? Any recommendations on books to read and where to start?

well i hope this gets the ball rolling and i appreciate the help.