Before I get off and start explaining the game and such I want to say this game's current engine is Unity 3D. I need more advance scripters and modelers aswell as people who can animate stuff. If your not so much failiar with scripting within Unity but know how to model then that's good enough! Scripting within Unity is Java , C#, and another one (forgot the name). Comment if you need more information.

Now about game details.
So since I personally do not own specific rights to SEGA or Sonic Team this game is going to be free and anyone to Co-Operate is NOT getting paid. This is only for the learning experience aswell for all Sonic fans.

I feel the need to develop a Sonic game better than what sega has been offfering lately because I love Sonic games and I feel like the games are getting poorer and poorer as years go on.

What I have plan for this game?
Well it will feature multiple charcter play throughs (haven't decided full list yet due to model bugs and a story line)
Story mode playthrough will be a 3d but 2d scroller so kind of like Sonic Generations (newest released sonic game if I am correct)
The game will aswel have a free roam mode in which I am looking forward to designing. Why you may ask? Well for starters this one will be a huge interactive playground in which different characters you play as well discover different sections of each free roam level (yes there are multiple free roam levels!)
I am for sure wanting to add new stuff like upgrades in which will allow the player to run on walls if he has the certain character and is going at right speeds, and others.
Oh and freeroam will be 3rd person camera angle.

I would love to show my current work on this game but I am out of town at the moment and do not have my files.

I can post more information if you guys would like or you guys can contact me by inboxing me or commenting

Thanks !