I'm working on a new game, which I'm gonna call FlopNinja until my brother finds a better name. Right now I'm working on the include file that holds all the mathematical calculations needed, such as sqrt, sine, cosine, etc.

I'm thinking the trick would be to make a good 'guessing algorithm' to get real near the actual value, and then keep bumping values until things snap in place. I'm writing my own algorithm, which I'll post soon, but until then I'll gladly be listening for comments. Keep in mind that my internet connection is down 90% of the time except for during thunderstorms. As you guessed, it's thundering.

About guessing algorithms, I've got one that gets it accurate to about two hundredths, and I'm building my sqrt algorithm on that. The accuracy is so important because

1: I'm going to be using this algorithm in other things I program.

2: I'm doing this for a physics engine.

please remember that these algorithms are in 386 assembly. If you have some mathematical equations that are simple and will calculate the square root, then I or someone else can probably translate them into assembly.

So, that said, I'll yield to the repliers.

- keantoken