so i spent time learning c# and worked on a pc single player rpg which im about to stop working on and use a very similar design for a xbox360 game, which will be more action based and similar to something as if diablo2 and a rpg or mmorpg were 1 (most likely 2d or 2.5d.

If anyone is interested in working on such a project, i could gladly use the help. If i cannot find anyone with the spare time, i will simply work on it myself.

I can go into greater detail on the progression system and my ideas through pm's, and even send a video or early build of the pc game which really was more of a conceptual project, and uses simple c# drawing a windform interface. I am excited to start working with xna specifically to create a version for xbox.

The idea is to create something unique , hopefully to build a creative combat system which uses player skill(such as the syngery skills in WoW)... well i dont want to get into more detail atm so i can explain in pm's ty.