I am still amazed that it's been three years and we are all having a blast still. We've made a ton of friends over the years and even more enemies and we're nowhere close to stopping anytime soon. I used to play EQ1 and EQ2 for ages and never made such good friends as I have in this game. While we are miles apart, leading different lives and going in opposite directions, we still chat it up every night and share in each others adventures that happen in game as well as out of game.

I would love to write a massive tale about all our exploits over the last 8 months but alas, I am a bit lazy and don't have the stamina to piece it all together. Instead I will show a few bits and pieces to tide you over until I can fully get back in the saddle and knock out another whopper of a story. Another reason I am being lazy is because I did a fresh OS install and I forgot to transfer the folder with my story in it. But I did save my original Eve folder so I still have all my chat logs and pics, but I am not in the mood to deal with re-writing and retrieving all the pics and logs. It turns out I think it will be a long story, but I won't have as many chat logs since it's hard for me to get it all in order, so I will try to peace it all together via pics and my own sweet words.

where to begin? Well you might remember in your in game life and would love to write a massive tale about all your exploits. But all those need enough golds. where to provide, I only searched GKPlayer, I heard from my friends get gold from GKPlayer.
I began to concern that with prices changing since the first time on GKPlayer. it's better to buy cheaper golds quickly. People unload a massive amount of smack and you end up getting gkplayer to pay you 500 million ISK and additional 5% more. Good times! As you know I tend to run into a lot of happyness in this game.

We've had some long time members leave us to explore the rest of the Eve universe and we've had some fresh blood inducted who are right at home creating havoc along with us. We've been dec'd by corps and alliances and of course have also done our fair share of decing corps and alliances and showing them exactly what a fun-loving small group of players can do.