Iím an elementary teacher and awhile back I tried making a quiz program for my class using content questions in Flash. I completely stink at coding. Someone ended up helping with it, but unfortunately thereís a couple bugs and I canít seem to contact the person who helped me.

Itís pretty simple. I was wondering if anyone might be willing to take a look at it and see if they could fix the bugs. As a new forum member I can't post the link to the files, but if you'd like to take a look at it just let me know and I'll send you the link.

The bugs are:

1 Ė For some reason when it hits the end of a category (it looks like Jeopardy), it ends the game. It should wait until all the questions are answered.

2 Ė This really isnít a glitch. If you read below about how the game works, I hit a team color depending on who raises their hand (the students donít interact with the game, they raise their hands and I punch a button depending on what team they are on).
What we forgot to add was, what if a question is displayed and nobody can answer it? As it is, I would hit Y,P,G, or R (yellow, purple, green, red) and then that team could answer. I need to add a button that skips that question, doesnít add or subtract point, and moves on. (Maybe ĎSí for skip?)

If someone decides to take a shot at it, hereís a little info on how itís setup that might help. Think of it as a community service for a bunch of great kids!

Setup Info:

The game looks at the list.xml for possible topics, picks 3 at random, and then finds those topic*.xmls for the questions. Questions can either be text, or pull a picture from the media folder. It also has a mystery category that pulls questions at random from any topic*xml. It was made this way so that I and other teachers could add questions.
You hit + to start the game. The teacher starts off and picks a category that the game has randomly chosen by hitting 1-4. That picks the first question available in that category. It displays the question and a timer up top counts down (it doesnít do anything when the timer runs out, itís up to the teacher to hit Ė (minus) meaning that they missed the question). If a student wants to answer, they raise a hand and I hit Y,P,G, or R depending on their team. The student would verbally answer. I then hit ĎAí which reveals the answer. Then I would hit either + or Ė depending on whether they got it right or wrong. Then the program would adjust the score.