I'm working on a small PvP game but just can't seem to get the hang of C# in unity... I learn a lot better when someones actually talking to me and is actually working with me instead of a lot of the tutorials and such... I understand they help you in those aspects but what about the things I want to achieve.

Looking for a programmer to work with me and bare with me through this, and also will be considered part of the team, currently 1 concept artist and 2 modelers.

Trying to get out a small Alpha stage 1 which will consist of:

-Creating test characters and Spawning into a community area
-Talking to NPC to queue a small match
-Warping/Loading into a small battle area and a gate opening after two minutes.
-Fighting together against another team with a small set of skills
-Time limit for a match based on kills /or/ the complete killing of the opposing team.
-Character Stats / Abilities / Weapon Abilities/ Spells / Investment Points

I'm sure this is quite a bit but with enough dedication we can get it done, I'm not in a hurry and I'm not demanding for someone to do everything, I'd really just like to learn most of it, I have a lot of time off atm since i'm in the army. Just no money atm to go to school for all the fun stuff :/ would really like to later go to college for gaming just to further myself but I don't see it happening any time soon.

Thoughts and opinions are welcomed, but I'm very dedicated to this project and i've been dissecting and practicing with character movement and more, I'd just like someone to work with me so it'll make the process LESS grueling and I like talkin to people while I'm working. The whole game plan is all ready landed just working on some of the final features that we'll have to implement.

Send me an email or msg on skype

Email: BrianG.sk8 /@/ gmail com
Skype: Dantexy

LOT OF TALKING I KNOW, heres some images to ease your mind from the read.