Hello. Our programmer had to leave the project due to personal issues.

We've been working on this game for ipad/iphone platforms for a few months now, meant for the latinamerican Square Enix game development contest.
We're still working on the graphics, but they are almost completed, same with the music. The game's a 2D view shooter with added concepts to make it a bit different from normal shooters. We're only gonna make one level for the time being. The prototype's been done. We're a group of 3 people now, it's been hard to get to where we are. We want to finish this before August 28th.The programmer gave us a very late notice... in any case. We want to finish this. It's gonna be hard weeks but I know we can do it. We just need the programmer, we're all 2d/3d artists. We created the concept from zero and have been working and learning throughout the project. We have the gameplay and the prototype, we just need a programmer to finish the job.

The game has been created in Unity. It's meant to be ported to ipad/touch platforms.

We're looking for a programmer with the following criteria:

-Experience with Unity.
-Programming language: C++, C#
-Have made at least one game in the past or has some experience in game programming field.
-Willing to work under a tight schedule in the following weeks
-Needs skype, so we can talk online
-Have Unity iOS license (our programmer had the license... we can't afford it at the moment, unfortunately)

This is for Square Enix latin american game development contest. There is no pay (unless we win any of the 8 winning spots), but if we don't, this will help you a lot for your resume. There is also the chance SE will choose projects that they might be interested in and give them a chance (it's on their website).

I know this is something difficult that we're asking for. But we rather do something about it than let this chance slide under our noses.
It's a one chance in a million. It's Square Enix! I believe in this project. For the love of videogames... I hope someone out there is willing to help out.

Will get back to you immediately. If you have any questions don't hesitate in asking. Thanks for your time.